Christian Lopez Abascal

Head of IT Procurement

Etihad Airways


Talent Development and Acquisition Role in Strategy Sourcing and Procurement

The presentation will engage in the global procurement market and the assurance of selecting and developing talent resources. How to motivate employees in the current uncertain environment and how to apply agile methodology to standardized procurement processes.

  • Up-skilling procurement resources
  • Upgrading procurement tools
  • Procurement talent management
  • Agile Procurement
Emmanuel Augustin

Vice President Supply Chain Management | CPO

Dubai Airports


Cost Reduction vs Value Creation

As the role of procurement is becoming more strategic, Executives are looking for a next-generation sourcing model to deliver value beyond cost.

Building relationship with strategic suppliers is key and the standard approach consisting in exploiting the supply base as a market is no longer viable. We will explore how procurement professionals can rethink their way of working and use alternative models to create more value for their organisations.

  • Is cost reduction still the right metric for procurement?
  • Developing a cost-based approach to enhance value creation
  • Leveraging on Supplier as a key competitive advantage
  • Opportunities of value creation in a disrupted supply market
Imran (Sajjad) Barlas

Senior Regional Purchasing Manager IMEA / Sustainability Manager for Responsible Sourcing



Risk Mitigation and Management

The new normal of high volatility: how to handle procurement in the middle of pandemics. Geo-political changes impacting prices and shortages. What strategies to follow to minimize or mitigate risks and avoid shortages and high prices.

  • Expect the unexpected
  • Strategies to mitigate risks
  • Agility is the key
  • Be aware of opportunities and lock them
  • Embedding it at the heart of your service model enables structural insights into service and process performance, employee challenges and the effectiveness of your digital channels
  • Acting on these insights and thus closing the complaints loop is an essential step in moving to a client centric model
Kazim Duman

Director of Procurement

Rixos Hotels


The Benefits of Localization at Procurement

The last 2.5 years present and challenge us with a global supply chain crisis and spotlight on the reality that the global sourcing network is so vulnerable. Previously there were also opportunities and benefits for the localization at procurement. However, it was not as competitive and beneficial as it is now. The market & governments encourage the investors to take advantage of opportunities to reorganize their procurement structure to benefit the utmost for their industry & countries.

  • Global energy risk
  • Carbon footprint
  • GCC Localization
  • Fluctuations in the supply chain
  • FTA Management
Douglas Bardini Coral

Chief Procurement Officer

Americana Foods


Talent Development and Acquisition Role in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement has established itself as Key Function during Supply Chain Crisis due to the Pandemic. Identifying, developing and retaining the best talent requires applying some strategies. Achieving exceptional outcomes requires exceptional people with the right set of skills.

  • Upskilling your procurement team into leaders of tomorrow
  • How to develop talent models to fit today’s environment and meet your ever-changing needs?
  • Procurement talent management: Exceptional outcomes require exceptional people
  • What we should know: The next-generation procurement talent profile